Down load Deployment Manifest Bypass(Subscription Store sub Store, Uri& source Uri, Temp File& temp File, Subscription State& sub State, IDownload Notification notification, Download Options options) at System.

Perform Deployment Activation(Uri activation Uri, Boolean is Shortcut, String textual Sub Id, String deployment Provider Url From Extension, Browser Settings browser Settings, String& error Page Url) at System.

Usually, it will duplicate itself several times, no matter whether I click "OK", the "X" to close it, or "Details." Eventually, it stops reappearing.

If I click "Details", I get a log like this: PLATFORM VERSION INFO Windows : 6.1.7601.65536 (Win32NT) Common Language Runtime : 4.0.30319.18444 System.

Since pictures are often more useful than words, let's look at using the tool.

Click to enlarge any of the images below: Welcome screen (click any image to enlarge): Select action (import or export) and provide site URL: For export, use the treeview to select which content you wish to deploy.



Occasionally, an error message pops up, titled "Cannot Start Application." The box says, "Cannot continue. Contact the application vendor for assistance." It happens when I have not tried to start any application, at least, not intentionally. From D ocument(String local Path, Manifest Type manifest Type, Uri source Uri) at System. Regular readers might have spotted I've been slightly quieter than usual over the past few weeks - actually I've not been slacking, but working on a tool which you might find useful from time to time.As I've discussed in numerous posts, deployment of Share Point artifacts is something that's perhaps more complex than it should be, and the standard tools provided don't always simplify this picture.: 4.0.30319.34244 built by: FX452RTMGDR : 4.0.30319.18444 built by: FX451RTMGDR : 4.0.30319.34244 built by: FX452RTMGDR : 4.0.41209.0 (Main.041209-0000) SOURCES Deployment url : Following failure messages were detected: Exception reading manifest from COMPONENT STORE TRANSACTION FAILURE SUMMARY No transaction error was detected. Invalid Deployment Exc eption (Manifest Parse) - Exception reading manifest from CHEBUSTER_HERE ERROR SUMMARY Below is a summary of the errors, details of these errors are listed later in the log. HEBUSTER_HERE: the manifest may not be valid or the file could not be opened. WARNINGS There were no warnings during this operation. HEBUSTER_HERE: the manifest may not be valid or the file could not be opened.