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every episode has these scenes where people are in rooms with three or four new, basically interchangeable people…” We don’t have the energy to care about these non-Core Four characters, as long as there remain so many loose ends regarding our main players, right?

That may be true in many cases, but one supporting character whose narrative arc has meaningfully advanced the story lately is Ani’s sister, Athena.

comes from an episode of Grantland staffers Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald’s “Hollywood Prospectus” podcast.

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And though she spits at her sister the most senseless simile of the season (“When you walk, it’s like erasers clapping”), Athena says she’s totally clean from drugs and alcohol.

Later, the sisters’ father says Athena is doing well, is “clear-eyed, has a job,” and Athena further defends her work to Ani in a later episode, explaining first that she’s “not a whore,” and that she’s saving her camming money to go to art school. And a job that doesn’t lead to the mass murder of dozens of citizens! Your sister is fine.)” Given all of ’s issues with its portrayal of female characters, it struck me as interesting — and really significant, actually — that it would introduce a sex worker in (what can be considered for this show) a positive light.

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