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This FAQ is organized into the following sections: The source code is distributed in the root directory of the download. The singleton approach, accessible with the get Instance(…) method, is also available.

Create your Cache Manager using new Cache Manager(…) and keep hold of the reference.

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Distributed caches or caches that use off-heap or disk stores cannot use auto-versioning.

(Distributed caches require Terracotta Big Memory Max, and off-heap storage requires either Terracotta Big Memory Max or Big Memory Go.) To enable auto-versioning, set the system property by default).

The second level cache is divided into regions of four types: entity, collection, query, and timestamp.

Entity and collection regions cache the data from entities and relationships (but not the entities themselves).

There is also a second level cache that is shared across sessions.* [HHH-6469] - build error when using open jdk * [HHH-6471] - Redesign how Entity Binding models hierarchy-shared information * [HHH-6478] - Code cleanup in metamodel package * [HHH-6479] - Split notions of locating and creating an attribute * [HHH-6480] - Develop component binding for new metamodel * [HHH-6495] - Components not handled correctly from annotations * [HHH-6499] - NPE can be thrown by some implementations of Helper.Value Sources Included In Insert By Default() and is Included In Update By Default() * [HHH-6500] - Entity Entity()Super Type() is null for subclass Entity Binding * [HHH-6506] - Descriminator type is not resolved * [HHH-6529] - Type is not resolved for plural attributes ** Improvement * [HHH-6472] - Implementing Entity Discriminator and discriminator match value * [HHH-6482] - ddl from schema export is not correctly formatted Changes in version 4.0.0.Non Unique Object Exception with message: "a different object with the same identifier value was already associated with the session ...(4)在查询代码里,添加: Cacheable(true); (5)执行代码 public void test One() throws Exception (6)查看log文件输出 2010-01-20 [INFO]main-org.hibernate.cache.