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“It’s not complicated in any sense and there’s not a lot of theatricality on it.

It’s very basic rock and roll throughout.” Cooper further explained, “Billion Dollar Babies was a studio effort all the way. It was just so clean that after a few times of hearing it myself, it had no mystery to it. More balls.” However, bassist Dennis Dunaway revealed in a 2011 interview that the band split with the producer during an acrimonious rehearsal in which guitarist Michael Bruce stood up to Ezrin and refused to change the arrangement of “Woman Machine”.

We wanted to rekindle what the band was about but there was just too much exhaustion by then.” and is, as Cooper explained, "basically a chauvinistic song.

It’s about a female robot, like Julie Newmar was on that TV program with Bob Cummings.

For instance, you have to know how to tell that the women you’re meeting really want to start a thing with you.

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It’s the woman who has enough confidence in who she is that a slightly dimpled bottom is not the end of the world.

It’s the fact that many married women know how to please themselves and the man that they are with.

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