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Provide employees with job opportunities outside of their regular job duties. Have the leadership team eat lunch in the cafeteria and promote employees coming to talk to them with questions or concerns. Have a no-email day once a month to encourage employees to encourage in-person interaction. Provide on-the-job leadership opportunities for non-management top performers. Have internal training classes once a month for employees to learn more about the company’s products/services.

With revenues back on the rise, organizations are bringing on new employees, rolling out new programs and plans, and investing in new offices, new partnerships, and new acquisitions.

Employee engagement plays an important role in attracting, retaining, and developing top talent for organizations, and is important to a business' success.

There are so many ways to engage employees through recognition and rewards, compensation, training and development, advancement opportunities, work/life and wellness initiatives, leadership and management behavior, community involvement, employee events, among others.

Strong Member State support for Special Administrative Measures – a set of rules that delegates greater authority to the Secretary-General and field staff to implement their mandates – is a start.

But the challenges of using a system built for the opposite purpose will endure.