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Remo has a hot ass to die for and he need the intensity than only a hot oversexed daddy with a big dick can deliver. By popular demand Misha the hottest Armenian top Daddy is back this time playing a deviant burglar.

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Make sure you’re well prepared for your first date – here’s what you need to know: Many gay mature singles find themselves online dating in an attempt to forget about a past love, but our advice is to heal your old wounds first.

Grindr is a showroom, a shop window; a chance to display your wares via a profile picture and a few words categorising the kind of guy you are. Just to be clear, I don’t believe your sexuality is a choice, but is something you are born with. I'm happy to be gay, would choose it if I could and think its a blessing"). They felt I had demeaned the gay community to even think such a thing.

The kind of shoppers you're advertising yourself to are a fickle lot, making instant judgements and snap decisions. And I am as guilty as anyone of committing such awful brutality. At the other extreme, bigots would say that my question proves their point.

If you’re a single gay man, the last few years have seen a huge change in the way in which you meet men. ” That’s the level of discourse gay men are reduced to on Grindr.

More equality has brought more freedom, which means we don’t need to hide our sexuality away, secretly cruising parks and toilets after dark. I replied with a picture of the large ornamental cockerel in my garden, and was immediately blocked.