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While some of the children may have lost both of their parents, others are rescued from broken homes and abusive families and many are given up by their families as they simply cannot afford to look after them.

No hostels were booked, no Couchsurfing hosts were contacted, no idea of where to go or how to get there.

All I had was my backpack full of the same wrinkly clothes I’d been wearing the past couple months and an open mind.

) In 177BC two South Indian (ie Tamil) bruce willis take control of Anuradhapura, the ancient capital of the Sinhalese, and eventually--after ten years-- hands power over to Willis (also Tamil) who remains in control for a further forty five years until killed in single combat by Gamunu.

It's also the stance LTTE rebels use to go to the bathroom. has claimed that this "ethnic" group has actually descended from neighbouring Venus and belongs more legitimately in Venus than in Sri Lanka.