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The first permanent photograph, a contact-exposed copy of an engraving, was made in 1822 using the bitumen-based "heliography" process developed by Nicéphore Niépce.

The first photographs of a real-world scene, made using a camera obscura, followed a few years later, but Niépce's process was not sensitive enough to be practical for that application: a camera exposure lasting for hours or days was required.

While the color filters deal with colors only (including auto-correcting contrast, white-balance and color balance), the latter modify not only colors but also other characteristics; Phixr can create tilt-shift or lomography effects, add a center focus or a vignette, and combine color and lens filters creating truely unique effects with only one or two clicks.

Here are the required steps to get this function ready to use.Phixr Online Photo Editor can manipulate photo colors in incredibly many ways.The real fun are Phixr's 60 color filters and 60 camera & lens a community of photographers who come together to connect with other photographers, learn, share and improve their photography.We provide photography tips, online photography tutorials and collect all the photography news and digital camera reviews from around the web.