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Students should come properly dressed for “the occasion”. For more information about this course, please phone us at 512-332-4365 or send us an email at [email protected] We hold Communion at our Sunday services periodically throughout the year.Ditch those "rules" about how long to wait before calling or texting and don't overthink it.If you had a good time, let your date know in a way that feels unstilted.If you are a baptized believer in Jesus Christ, we encourage you to partake in remembering the Cross of our Lord through the eating and drinking of the elements (bread and wine/juice).

Candidates must be able to read, write, and follow directions.

“It’s sort of like the Wild West out there,” says Alex Manley, dating and sex editor at Ask

“If you think you know the rules, some new app will come along and reinvent the rule book.” Here’s how to play the game now.

But it is difficult to experience this abundant life when we are in bondage to shame, fear, past hurts, secret sins, and/or demonic strongholds.

Recently a new dating procedure has been suggested, which is based on the thermally transferred optically stimulated luminescence (TT-OSL) signal that is measured after irradiated quartz is optically bleached and then preheated.