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After World War 2 AC Cars of Thames Ditton England came back into the market by releasing the two litre range in 1947.

But it was not until 1953 when the company released the Ace Sportscar, that its reputation was made.

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THE CHARLTON ARROW #2: The best of comics past, present and future! “Mid-’50’s Malevolent Madness” is the theme, played out in 24 full-story reprints straight out of the great horror comic books of the Pre-Code 1950’s, as published by long-defunct companies including Avon, Fiction House, Hillman, Standard and others.He is also an avid bodysurfer and one of the founding fathers of the Sandy Beach Bodysurfing Championships in 1972, and was the head judge (and a competitor) until 1989. During the early 1900s, the term paepo'o was commonly used in Waikīkī, and it meant riding a wave with only the body.After World War II, this particular word took on an alternate definition, referring to bodysurfing with a small board. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press.] identifies and describes the types of surfing that native Hawaiians did, one of which was pae po'o, or prone board riding.Special Notes: None A real across-the-board assortment of top 1940’s costumed-hero features originally published by companies like Fox Features, Quality, Fiction House and others, including The BLUE BEETLE in “Deasth At The Ball”, drawn by the expressive Al Carreno; The FLAME in “Tomb Of The Tortured Death” (obviously inked by the prolific Arturo Cazenueve, though the penciler is unknown), DOLLMAN in “The Mad Hypnotist” from the very last issue (#47) of his Quality Comics solo title AND a stunning, 11-page (untitled) Reed Crandall-illustrated gem from Feature Comics #59; The BLACK COBRA in “Deadline For Danger”, as drawn by Robert Hayward Webb; The spacefaring RED COMET, plus a CAPTAIN FREEDOM by the underrated Ernie Schroeder, STORMY FOSTER-THE GREAT DEFENDER by the equally-underrated Rudy Palais; SPACE RANGERS by Leonard Starr,and LADY LUCK by Klaus Nordling. EDISON CORLISS’S INDUSTRIAL STEAM AND IRONWORKS: A steam-powered world stands at the brink of war, and scientist/adventurer Edison Corliss and his specialists at the Industrial Steam and Ironworks lead the battle against homefront sabotage! THE CHARLTON ARROW #2 is a 44 page full-color blockbuster, saddle-stitched with standard comic dimensions.All that plus a pair of vintage heroes that have never been previously featured in MOM: the mysterious night avenger known only as The MASK, and Jack Alderman’s weird and wacky hero CAPTAIN WIZARD!! Box 394 Plymouth, Florida 32768-0394 Phone Number:(407)767-0199 Email Address: [email protected]: The Charlton Arrow Frequency: Bimonthly Issue/Number 2 UPC Code: 61307295134900211 Retail Price: .99 Format: Standard comic book size, saddle-stitched Dimensions: 10.1875 ” X 6.625″ Page Count: 44 pages Color: Full Color (with color covers) Intended Audience: All ages Genre: Action/adventure/superhero/anthology Country of Origin: USA Ship Date: November 27, 2017 Writers: Nick Cuti, Paul Kupperberg, and Roger Mc Kenzie Artists: Joe Staton, Pat & Tim Kennedy, Barbara Kallberg and Mort Todd. Special Notes: This issue ships in a 4:1 ratio of standard E-Man/Mr. Available at your local comic book shop in November for .99. Order it from your comic book retailer from the September 2017 issue of the Diamond Comics Previews.